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Crew Profiles

Kurt Anthony Lightfoot - Owner/Operator


Personal Statement:

My personal fitness philosophy is that any training regime needs to contain 3 fundamental ingredients in order to yield positive lastng results, namely: Functionality, Sustainability and the all important Enjoyment factor. if you are going to make simcere commitment to change it needs to be an integral part of your daily routine and needs to compliment your lifestyle - you wouldn't go a day without showering or brushing your teeth...your body requires the same dedication! Also if your not enjoying it, conventional wisdom would suggest you're not going to stick to it. Do what works for YOU or don't do it at all! 

Once you have undertaken the decision to make a resoundong change in your life...get up, turn up, burn up! continually repeat these 3 sreps until you achieve the results that were once only an aspiration, a mere thought. To further compond your results, continually modify your routine. You are on a roll, why stop now? No matter how slight, the body and mind thrive on reqular change and fresh stimuli. Fitness is a lifetime commitment that needs to be constantly monitored and worked on much like a relationship or your career - what you put in is what you get out so if you keep om doing what you've always done, you will keep on getting what you've always got!


  • Diploma in Personal Training (Exercises Teachers Academy, South Africa)
  • Level 1 and Advanced Boxfit Instructor (Thump Boxing)
  • First Aid Certified

Contact Kurt at gym reception or on 027 556 3638       




LEIGHTON DEARDON - Personal Trainer Strength & Conditioning Coach


Personal Statement:

I enjoy motivating my clients and providing a positive and encouraging environment for them to achieve their goals. I have a real passion for fitness and I use this to help people to reach their full potential.

I have played representative Football for Taranaki from juniors to senior mens and I am keen runner

Areas of interest:

Football, Distance running, Speed and agility training, Rock Climbing, Resistance training and Sports rehabilitation.


  • Advanced Personal Training Strength and Conditioning Coach Level 4 Netfit, 2013
  • Senior First Aid Certified
  • Rehab Trainer Certified Essentials Training, 2012

Contact Leighton on 021 855 706




Yvonne Taylor - Personal Trainer


Personal Statement:

I believe exercise is for life not just for after christmas! By adapting and changing your exercise regimen throughout your life you will maintain a healthy strong body that will make you feel and look better, cope with any injuries and life changes that come your way and keep you mentally 


We have only one body and we need to cherish and look after it so that we get the best we can from it. Physical goals that seemed so easily achievable in our twenties may not be within our reach in our forties and fifties but by adapting expectations, with time and planning you can achive a fit, healthy you and maybe even suprise yourselves.

Over the years i have enjoyed all forms of exercise including, squash, step, circuit training, rpm, running, orienteering and of course weights. My fitness regime currently includes aerobic classes, resistance work and pilates.

Areas of Interest:

A Keen interest in whole food nutrition and a focus on fitness for mature bodies.


  • Diploma ITEC Anatomy and Physiology UK, 1997
  • First Aid Certified

Contact Yvonne on 021 181 3779


Nicky Cleland - Personal Trainer


Personal Statement:

My passion is sports and fitness and i give over 100% to see my clients succeed, turning their goals/dreams into a reality. I strongly believe that we need to look after ourselves through the right exercise and nutrition because lets face it...we only have one body and its important that we take care of it.

Areas of Interest:

Squash, Volleyball, Tennis, Circuit Training, Bodybuildig, Strength & Conditioning and reading.


  • National Certificate in Fitness (exercise consultant) Level 3, Skills Active, 2013
  • Certificate in Fitness (Employed Personal Trainer) (Fitlink) 2014
  • First Aid Certified
  • National Certificate in Personal Training (contractor) (Fitlink) 2014
  • Metabolic and Neurological Conditions for Personal Trainers 2015
  • Injury Prevention and Management 2015

Contact Nicky on 022 127 1456    



Josh Boyle - Personal Trainer


Personal Statement:

Exercise to some people can be more of a chore than anything else, I love flipping that on it's head 

and turning it into a time to release.

One part of the day when you can switch off all the demands and pressures of work and turn it into play.

A chance to learn and develop new skills, to find the limitations you "thought" you had keep getting pushed further and further away. 

Areeas of Interest:

I specialise in increasing strength, building confidence,boxing, mixing it up to keep you on your toes and to keep your mind and body guessing.


  • Certificate in Fitness Level 3 Skills Active, 2007
  • CFLV 1 CrossFit Level 1 certified 2012
  • First Aid Certified 

Contact Josh on: 027 283 0400


Hayden Price - Personal Trainer


Personal Statement:

I first started weight training when I was 11 years old and since then I have developed a lifelong passion for health, fitness and training. I bring that same passion and enthusiasm into my clients training sessions by going above and beyond to get my clients results. I am a friendly, down to earth people's person with over 20 years experience in many different training styles.


Areas of Interest:

Weight training, Martial Arts, Nutrition, CrossFit, Boxing, Interval training, Flexibility, Meditation



  • National certificate in fitness level 3, skills active 2015
  • First Aid certified 2015
  • 4th Dan black belt ITF international instructor in Taekwon-Do
  • Rampage Fitness Freelance boxing instructor
  • Certificate in Recreation and Sport - Taranaki Polytechnic 1995
  • Principles of sports coaching level 1, 1995 - Coaching New Zealand

Contact Hayden on : 027 359 7811    


JOE FEPULEA'I - Personal Trainer

 Personal Statement:

Joe The Body Transformer, JBT is passionate about health and fitness and enjoys seeing clients improve performance and reach their fitness goals.
Joe has been both competitively and professionally in the fitness industry since the 1980's when he played for the New Zealand American football team. Joe has also played both Rugby and Rugby League. For the past 13 years his sport of choice has been Bodybuilding where he has consistantly been placed in his category, competing in both the New Zealand and Australian circuits. From 2004 - 2008 he represented in Samoa in the South Pacific Games.

Coaching and personal training has now lead to the development of Joe the Body Transformer. Joe has been working as a personal trainer both here in New Zealand and Australia since 2003. 2015 saw Joe under the lead of Tana Umaga as Strength and Conditioning trainer for Counties Manukau Rugby Football Union. This has helped Joe understand body metabolism and individualized peak performance outcomes.

With Joes varied experience he is able to provide functional resistance training, circuit training and sports specific training such as Bodybuilding, Body Sculpting, whilst coaching and motivating to help people reach their unique, indiviualized goals. If you want to transform your body than contact JBT now.

Areas of interest:

Weightloss & Nutritional Advice
Circuit & Strength Training
Ketlebell Training
​Competition Prep & Perfect Posing
​Specific Strength, Speed & Power Training



  • Rugby Coaching Levels 1 & 2
  • ​Certificate in Fitness Instruction (Netfit,NZ)
  • Certificate in Personal Training (Netfit,NZ)
  • Les Mills Workshops & Professional Development
  • First AId Certificate

Contact Joe on: 021 110 1215


Kay Kowalwski – Personal Trainer

Personal Statement:

Lets look at exercise from a different angle. Instead of looking at it as exercise, lets look at it as "WELLNESS".

Wellness isn't just "are we feeling sick or not". To me wellness is about keeping ourselves in balance, meditating, keeping down stress, eating well, having fun, challenging ourselves, achieving goals and being in a good space physically and mentally. 

My passion for wellness developed 4 years ago. I had finished High School and I was in need of a hobby to keep myself busy while I looked for a Job. Overtime my hobby turned into a passion and my passion lead to complete studies to become a qualified trainer. I have been training individuals for 2 years now and still counting. In that time I have worked with a variety of injuries and learnt a variety of different training techniques and approaches. As a trainer , I treat everyone I help as an individual. I am supportive and encouraging of everyone I train. Everyone is unique in their own way and I adapt any exercises we do to suit how your body moves and I adapt training sessions to how you want them done. My goal is to help you get to where you want to be.

Areas of Interests:

To name a few: Wellness, Taekwondo, New Zealand Cadet Forces (NZCF), Resistance Training, High Intensity Training, Surfing, Trail Running, Tramping, Rock Climbing and Meditation.


  • First Aid Qualified
  • National Certificate In Fitness Level 4 (Personal Training)
  • National Certificate In Fitness Level 3 (Fitness Consultant)
  • National Certificate In Mental Health Level 4 (Support Worker)
  • National Certificate In Recreation and Sport Level 3 
  • National Certificate In Outdoor Recreation Level 3

Contact Kay on 027 7495 932



Other Staff:

MICHELLE (Cleaning Specialist!)


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