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Rampage Fitness West Gym -


"In March 2013 I walked through your doors a T-Rex with short arms and a big belly. Push-ups were a hard thing to do with arms too short. Step-ups, o the pain in lifting the extra weight. So I sat down with the master of pain. It was lift here, measure there, tape around some parts(Cold tape on skin…not good). Then he said: “Come and see me in a couple of days and I will have a plan for the short-arm-T-Rex. I went back, big mistake. Do squats, do push-ups, do step-ups, do pull-ups(I DO NOT DO PULL-UPS), more squats, do dips (No chocolate!) and run. I wanted to run-far away.But I stuck to the plan, it is now November 2013, I have lost 3 pant-sizes and the daughters say it feels good to hug the T-Rex all around his belly. I even manage to do the pull-ups and push-ups with short arms. I can only hope this will help to prevent me from becoming extinct

Thank you Pain Master and team at the West Rampage Gym-you all rock"
T-Rex (Paul)


"I have been going to gyms for over 30 years, but since joining Rampage West 2 years ago my fitness has really improved. The friendly west team have guided me with programmes and advice to obtain a new level of fitness, the best I have been in many years. Any time you want any help, any of the team are only too happy to oblige. You would not find a more helpful gym in town."  



"Rampage West is a great gym which caters to a wide range of clients of varying fitness levels. The gym itself has a very relaxed feel where the staff are freindly and aproachable, yet at the same time very professional. There is a very good range of equipment and although relatively small it still retains its spacious feel. Because of the fact that the gym is smaller and therefore has fewer members than some bigger gyms, its means it retains that more intimate feeling. Staff know everyone by name and are also able to provide personalised attention"  



" A Great down to earth, well equipped neigbourhood gym! Love the roller doors which provide fresh air, freindly supportive staff and low key atmosphere. The 24/7 access for minimal cost is an added bonus."


Rampage Fitness West Gym

Rampage Fitness West Gym -

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